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Balamedo Pharmaceuticals Industry Limited is owned by Kums Group.

Manufacturing Facility

Mordern ISBM machinery,which is contemporary manufacturing trend for LVP solutions. Clean rooms made up of prefabricated panels. Manufacturing is under grade C area and all vessels have chilling and sterilizing facility to facilitate the manufacturing.

Water system

Double pass RO system coupled with EDI+UV and UF for generation of high grade purified water followed by distillation process for generation of SWFI. Continuous recording system for WFI temperature, conductivity and velocity in loop.

Environmental monitoring

Separate AHU system for each of the activities. All classified rooms entry has bio-metric access control. All personnel and material entries to the plants are interlocked and material entries are sealed with dynamic LAF.

Quality Control

Assessing the suitability of Incoming Components API, Excipients, Closure, Labeling, In Process Materials & Finished Products. Evaluating the performance of the manufacturing process to ensure adherence to proper specification & limits. Determining the acceptability of each batch for release.

Packaging Material

Bottles are made of polypropylene granules. PP is the most safety plastic with best thermoplastic features. PP is resistance to chemical reaction. PP has excellent elasticity and toughness PP is transparent and aesthetic. Closure is eurocap which meets the global standards for IV fluids.

Future Parenteral Products

Oxytocin Water for injection
Magnesium sulphate Bupivacaine
Frusemide Promethazine
Diclofenac Ondansteron
Diazepam Lignocaine
Ketamine Atracurium
Calcium Chloride Heparin
Tramadol Tranexamic acid
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