About Kums-Deco Paint

KUMS Group was founded in 2015. Since then the Company has grown dramatically in both size and reputation. We first entered the Zambian and, particularly, the Lusaka market in the mid 2015's and are now an established market force with an experienced and focused team. We entered the wider Zambian Market.

We have a broad portfolio of successfully completed projects across a range of sectors including Painting, Residential, Restoration/Refurbishment, Hospitality, Industrial, Healthcare. We have built our reputation on our client focus and hand n approach. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our workload comes from repeat business and that we have a strong reputation for our competitive edge and reliable execution of all projects undertaken.

KUMS-DECO Paint Limited offers after sale services and support depending based on the clients' requirements. Post installation training on the care and maintenance of certain equipment can be arranged through our offices. Health and safety training can also be made available through an affiliate company and when need arises, running services and maintenance contracts can be tailor made to meet Clients' requirements.

Company Overview

We deal with painting and steel oxidation, sanding and others industrial level; to add value for clients through innovation foresight, integrity and aggressive performance; and to serve with character and purpose that brings prosperity to our employees and to Zambia at large.

  • Reliability
  • Commitment to quality
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility and Integrity
  • Our Board of Directors and staff are totally committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management Systems governing our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Codes of Practice. These systems are living documents that are continually reviewed and improved in line with industry best practice.

    First and foremost, the guarantee of the health and safety of our employees and of all those effected by our construction operations is an absolute pre-requisite to conducting any work at any time.

    We have developed our systems and procedures over many years based on these ethics. As a result of this approach and investment, we have won many tenders and are ranked among the top performers in the Zambian construction industry in terms of the management of Health and Safety at Work

    KUMS-DECO Paint Limited's competitive edge is our unassuming nature to stick to the basics of business values. Pleases our customers and they will come back time and again. This means we will strive and put all resources into finding the best solution for our clients at a competitive price without compromising on quality. To promote unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction we have committed to policy of understanding the customers' business needs whenever we get an inquiry. We believe that if you can't understand the customer then you can't understand business and services they need.

    The Company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction through commitment and providing quality constancy services to the next level efficiency. Any Structure is designed to ensure effective flow of information from the client to give the best products and quality services, and we suited in the Hearts of Lusaka, Zambia in the Lusaka Province.

    Our Brilliant Minds


    Kennedy Kums


    He holds Masters and Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering

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